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Starka ficklampor från Acebeam & Klarus

A strong torch can be a must for example work on search

All lamps are specified according to ANSI / NEMA FL1-2009 Standard

By 2017 we have established brands like Acebeam & Klarus in our range.

These flashlights have been recognized as "strong flashlight", among the brightest and best in the world.

Their talented research, design, engineering and marketing teams work together to satisfy the most demanding users by constantly testing the limits of what can be achieved with the latest technology without affecting durability, functionality, or value for money.

Our range includes lighting for military, police, firefighters, etc.

- as well as industry, safety, hunting, diving, biking, camping, fishing and other uses.

Our products are designed for demanding users who work in extreme conditions.

All our torches have at least 3 years warranty, supported by our collaboration with Acebeam & Klarus.

and we deliver a select range of batteries and accessories.



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